Appendix 3: Vermont: “This Brave Little State”

At a Glance, Assorted Facts

Number of Counties: 14

Number of Cities: 9

Number of Gores/Grants: 4

Number of Organized Towns: 237

Number of Unorganized Towns: 5

Total Square Miles of Water: 333

Total Square Miles of Land: 9,609

Length of State: 157.4 Miles

Length of Northern Border with Canada: 90.3 miles

Length of Southern Border with Massachusetts: 41.6 miles

Number of Mountains Over 2,000 ft.: 223

Largest and Deepest Lake: Champlain; 172,800 acres and 390 ft.

Other Major Lakes: Bomoseen, Memphramagog, St. Catherine, and Willoughby

Longest River: Connecticut (271 miles along the VT/NH border)

Other Major Rivers: Winooski, Lamoille, Mississquoi, White, Otter Creek, West, and Battenkill

Population:  623,960 (2018 estimate), 94.5% white

Biggest City:  Burlington, population 42,417 (2010 U.S. Census)

Number of languages spoken in Burlington and Winooski High Schools: 45

Average number of miles per year Bishop Ely drives in the Diocese: 17,000


Employment (2009) 

Education and Health: 19%

Trade, Transportation, Utilities: 19%

Government: 18%

Leisure and Hospitality: 11%

Manufacturing:  11%

Professional Services: 7.5%

Construction: 5%

Financial: 4%

Agriculture and All Other: 6%


Inventions, Discoveries, and “Firsts in the Nation” from Vermont:

First globe made in America, 1810

First paddle wheel steamer, 1826

First blacksmith (John Deere) to manufacture steel plows, mid 1800’s

First platform scale, 1830

First patent for sandpaper, 1834

Invented the electric motor, 1837

Discovered laughing gas, 1844

First postage stamp, 1846

Invented ventilated fly fishing reel, 1874

Invented elevator safety brake, 1852

First Boy Scout Club, 1909

First chairlift for skiing, 1940

First state to elect a woman Lt. Governor, 1954

First state/diocese to elect a woman as Episcopal Bishop Diocesan, Rt. Rev. Mary Adelia McLeod – November 1, 1993

First state to offer civil union status encompassing the same legal rights and responsibilities as marriage, Civil Union Law, July 1, 2000

First state to institute same-sex marriage by enacting legislation (not as a result of a court decision), September 1, 2009

First state to nominate a transgender woman for governorship by a major party, August 14, 2018; Christine Hallquist won Vermont’s Democratic primary, coming in first in a field of four candidates.

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