Appendix 2: Compensation for the Next Bishop of The Episcopal Church in Vermont


The next Bishop’s compensation will include:


  1. CPG, full-time Total Assessable Compensation package of $130,000.

  2. This would mean a stipend of $85,300 as well as use of the Bishop’s residence at Rock Point (see below).

  3. Normal Vermont benefits: CPF Pension assessments; Health/Dental Insurance (there is an employee contribution); Continuing Education (2 weeks’ annual time with reimbursement of fees); Vacation (1 month and 5 Sundays); Holidays (10 days); Sabbatical (4 months every 5 years); Car - either mileage allowance or diocesan vehicle.

Finally, the Standing Committee will work with the Bishop-elect to create a Letter of Agreement based upon models available from The Episcopal Church. The final compensation package and a Review of our Mutual Ministry are always a part of that Letter of Agreement.

Episcopal Residence, Rock Point


The Episcopal Residence (the Bishop’s House) is provided as part of the compensation for the Bishop of Vermont. Designed by the Boston architect Clipson Sturges, the Bishop's House at Rock Point sits atop Hemlock Hill, the site identified by the first bishop of Vermont's sons as the ideal location for a home. Constructed in 1895-96, the current structure was built for Arthur C. A. Hall, the third Bishop, who intended to train seminarians there. The many cell-like bedrooms, modeled on those at the Society of St. John the Evangelist mother house in Cowley,


England, reflect this intent. Bishop Booth, who succeeded Bishop Hall, adapted the house to accommodate his family.

In addition to six rooms upstairs, the house includes an oratory furnished in oak and English

stained glass donated by Bishop Hall's English friends, the wood paneled Bissell Library, living room, dining room, two small parlors or studies, and a kitchen area with pantry. The house and grounds sit in Hemlock Hill's woods, the slope of the land to south providing views of Lake Champlain.

Finally, the Standing Committee anticipates that the next bishop will reside at the Episcopal residence at Rock Point. Our financial data, diocesan experience/expectations and the recent Rock Point Partnership Campaign indicate that use of this residence is in the best interest of the diocese. However, if there were circumstances where the bishop-elect needed for some

reason to live elsewhere, the Standing Committee is willing to discuss that need and consider options.

For an “outsiders” view of the house, see the Burlington Free Press article at: house/84447160/

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